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21st Century Telephony

Nowadays desk phones don’t need to use old static telephone lines; They can use the standard data cable that your PC desktops uses (often sharing just one data cable for both phone & PC).

PBX’s. Remember those? They’re a thing of the past now that hosted VOIP systems are so mainstream. Not only are they long winded to setup and configure, they’re also hard to maintain and pose a huge security risk to your network if the aformentioned tasks are not completed properly.

SWDirect Ltd are VOIP resellers and specialists in configuring, maintaing and securing cloud VOIP systems, meaning that you can have a modern, hassle-free VOIP system in the blink of an eye.

VOIP relies on a strong internet connection which we have in abundance in our state of the art datacentre in Wolverhampton, where your VOIP systems shall be hosted but we can also supply to your business premises, a leased line or alternative internet options which should make your VOIP and internet based activities that bit smoother!

If you want to ditch the standard deskphone altogether then we also offer a range of softphone applications that can be installed to any mobile device, meaning you can answer your deskphone on the go and it also removes the need for somewhere to plug in a deskphone.

Interested in moving across to a VOIP platform that is trusted by many business? Looking for business grade internet at your new or existing premises? If so, drop us an email on and we will be able to discuss the options available to you.

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